Asian president 1948-1960

Malaya managed to repel an organised communist insurrection mainly due to the authorities getting organised, the influence of people like Briggs and Templer and the communists thinking they could win by military means. Marshall was a key military figure during WWII, and the period directly following it. Park has been credited with industrial policies that drove the country's rapid economic growth during the s and '70s. The BCG campaign was challenged immediately by Raman. This research also examines the tensions in South and Southeast Asian public health between a narrow biomedical approach that focused on the control of individual diseases and a holistic approach that linked public health with broader questions related to nation-building. You have successfully emailed this. Le Duan was an original founder of the Indochina Communist Party.

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Thelma Metcalfe

Rhee's government became increasingly authoritarian, especially after the Korean War. Toer implicitly mocks the utopia of a world free of disease. Smith China and Southeast Asia: However, his popularity in Korea was quickly deteriorating as juicy scandals and ineffective policies came to light. Orient Blackswan, , 1—2. With respect to tuberculin testing and vaccination, there was enthusiasm among parents and schoolchildren alike, which was lacking in other parts of India.

Presidents of South Korea - an overview and timeline

Since the resources for radiography, isolation and treatment of patients, and health education were lacking, the Philippine government turned to BCG vaccination as a quick-fix solution to the TB problem. There were considerable regional differences within India that affected local responses to tuberculosis control. Department of Health, In Travancore and Cochin, the local press sensitised the public regarding the prophylactic value of BCG The author needs a bit more analysis of the fractures in health policy implementation and post-colonial health sovereignties. Having made their point, the communists then resumed negotiations, and a truce settlement was speedily signed.
The author rightly points out that in this post-war period the WHO emphasized bio-medical technical approaches to disease threats. In popular culture, the portrayal of consumptives—selected ostensibly by their youth and beauty—endowed the disease with a biting tragedy. He was placed on house arrest several times by President Park. In Tanjore and Madurai districts, a large number of people would not come out for tuberculin test and BCG vaccination The trials were conducted among North American Indians between and

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