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Embarrassing as the events had been, the care and affection she received from her father made her feel very loved and as for the shame of being treated like a little baby, Lori began to savor giving up control. She gathered her things and her overnight bag, and then locked the car. He hung the bag on a hook, about 3 feet above the bed. Lori watched as her father set the bulb syringe on the floor, beside the now empty bowl and quickly grabbed the bedpan. He went to a drawer and removed a wide, white, leather belt. Maya decided since she has been neglected, she was going to take Annie the way she always wanted with a strap-on up her ass after making her lick her asshole. He pulled away as her need reached the edge and again oiled his palms to begin a massage of her lower abdomen and hips.

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You are going to get very tipsy very fast. Upon doing so, her father took hold of her panties and completely removed them. We have to rinse the soap out, or you will have cramps all day long. His strong hands tweaked her nipples to hardness, squeezed and caressed her breasts, then traveled downward to massage her tummy and side, then traveled up again to repeat the process. A slight rumble in her belly threatened to deliver more than just urine into the waiting folds of absorbent paper she was wearing. He held her for a long time after the movie ended, simply enjoying the quiet and being together. He spanked until the entire area was a nice shade of pink and Peggy was beginning to squirm on his lap uncontrollably.

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Her baby dress rode all the way up in the back revealing her ruffled covered plastic panties to Daddy's gaze. Dennis was very happy to see this The boat gently rocked as they relaxed in one another's arms. At first he used his hand over the diaper but it was soon apparent that the double padding and ruffled seat were an effective deterrent to any real punishment. He was pushing one through the thick fabric at her hip already, then the other. They both knew, without a doubt that they were very much in love. She felt an immediate wave of panic as she realized her violation.
Just as she was about to release her urine she felt another familiar sensation in her bowel. It felt cool and clean on her heated skin. Lori tried to keep herself still. He hadn't caught one this nice himself. Peggy was a mass of emotions. He climbed in behind he and cuddled her spoon fashion in his arms as they both drifted off to a restful sleep.

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